BACAD Desktop is a CAD software designed for the drafting of reinforced concrete details. It has been developed for the past 20 years by BaCAD sa.

BACAD Desktop includes different and specialised modules designed for the production of reinforced concrete production drawings. It optimises the process of drawing Form-work, Reinforcement bars and meshes and steel work and includes an automatic reinforcement schedule take off.

These modules are easy to use even for the beginner. An effort has been made to allow the user to keep his own drafting style. Powerful commands allow for a quick update of all the drawings.
The software includes a scale manager to look after all the tedious tasks and allow to draw at any scale using any sort of unit.

BaCAD Desktop has also been interfaced with the most popular design and calculation softwares to increase speed in drawing reinforcement by the automatic layout of bars and mesh.

The learning process of BaCAD Desktop is very short thanks to the ease of use and the well-designed interface including convenient dialog boxes and a logical working process. For a draftsman with basic AutoCAD® knowledge the production of the first working drawing is done in less than 2 days. And it takes less than a month to be a very efficient user.

BaCAD Desktop has been chosen by a great number of Engineers in Switzerland and abroad. It is being used by a wide range of firms from 1 draftman to many dozens.